ROC has extensive experience making Primary and Secondary mirrors, and Lenses for large telescopes many
of which can be found on major mountain tops throughout the world!

ROC has built a robust fabrication process and testing methodology for the manufacturing of large spherical and aspherical optical elements from 0.5 meters up to 2 meters in diameter to high quality with high surface smoothness.

Our in-house designed equipment is tailored to produce high quality optics for large blanks and can be customized to the needs of the project. We are able to make the necessary fabrication supports, polishing tools, test optics and test towers in support of the project.


Q U A L I T Y is first priority

We strongly believe the key to providing our customers with precision optics of high quality is through rigorous testing and verification at each step in the process. We use many methods to achieve this.

ROC utilizes rigorous optical testing methods using phase-measuring interferormeters to measure the figure of the optical surface to demonstrate to the customer the optical specifications desired in the project have been met.

Being a small corporation is an asset, as we are able to adjust and accommodate quicker to changes needed
by the customer and the project.

ROC has made a wide spectrum of optics for numerous telescopes, to name a few:

  • PanSTARRS Telescope
  • KASI/KMT Telescopes
  • 2MASS Telescopes
  • Yunnan Telescope
  • IIA Telescope
  • MAGNUM Telescope
  • Pomona College Telescope
  • KEYSTONE telescope
  • Chabot Observatory

We have the knowledge, the know-how and the experience!

Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have, even if your project is not fully funded yet.