Worldwide suppliers of Precision Optics
for Telescopes, Instruments, and Testing.

With 40 years of experience and 10,000 square feet dedicated to the manufacturing of Precision Optics, ROC has developed a robust fabrication process that incorporates computer-controlled polishing machines and test methodologies.

Fabrication, Repolish, Refigure

Sometimes the project only requires the fabrication of one large element, or perhaps a system of elements, or an element having unusual and challenging specifications. Sometimes the customer has obtained a blank from another older project where the figure or shape needs to be changed. In any of these cases contact Rayleigh Optical Corporation so we may assist you. We would gladly give you our recommendation on how to best proceed and help you realize any cost savings possible.

Material Selection & Procurement

ROC has developed close business relationships with our various blank suppliers, we understand their requirements and their limitations. We can help you select the correct blank supplier for the project. Let our fabrication experience work for you by assisting you with the blank selection and the specifications so the fabrication runs smoothly with no unnecessary costs.

Independent Test Verification

ROC has several test towers that can be used for independent testing of optical mirrors. Optical testing is supported by phase-measuring interferometry, computer-generated holography, test plates, and holographic test plates among others.

Glass Generating

Glass machining is a precarious process for various reasons. Machining glass surfaces require experience, knowledge and a good machine, good setup, good programming and good tools.

We have successfully generated plano-plano surfaces of glass blanks to Concave or Convex shapes. Our 4-axis CNC has also lightweighted blanks and contoured surfaces to various shapes. Our glass generator can machine blanks up to 1.5 meters in diameter.

Test Optics

If your project does not allow for transfer of your optics to our facility for testing, we could supply you with the test optical elements. We have many years of experience in optical testing and measuring of optical surfaces. Test optics we can supply include;

  • Holographic test plates
  • Refractive and reflective null optics
  • Computer-generated holograms

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