Worldwide suppliers of Precision Optics
for Telescopes, Instruments, and Testing.

Rayleigh Optical is proud to have provided optics for the following projects;

Project Name Blank size Manufactured Optics
Pan-STARRS Telescopes 1.8m Primary & Secondary mirrors, Lenses
2MASS Telescope 1.3m Primary & Secondary mirrors
IIA Telescope 2.0-meter Primary & Secondary mirrors
Solis Telescope 550mm Primary & Secondary
MAGNUM Telescope 2.0 meter Primary & Secondary
WIYN Telescope 0.5 meter 2-Element Wide Field Corrector
Pomona College Telescope 1-meter Primary & Secondary
Chabot Science Center and Observatory 0.8-meter Primary & Secondary
Smithsonian Astronomical Telescope 1.2-meter Primary & Secondary
Spacewatch Telescope 0.9 meter Primary mirror
Spacewatch Telescope 1-meter Lightweight Primary mirror
Yunnan Telescope 2.4 meter Primary & Secondary mirrors
APF Telescope 2.4-meter Primary
Keystone Telescopes 0.75 meter 6 Primary mirrors
MMT Telescope 0.5 meter Lenses for guide-star system
Discovery Park Telescope 1.0 meter 2 Lenses
Private Telescope 250mm Lightweight aspherical mirror
Refurbishing Projects
UofA Telescope 1.5-meter Primary mirrpr
Lowell Observatory Telescope 1.0-meter Lightweight borosilicate mirror
New Mexico Telescope 1.0-meter Primary & Secondary mirrors
Test Optic Projects
Thermotrex Corporation 1.0-meter Lightweight mirror
Thermotrex Corporation 0.75-meter Tracking telescope mirror
Sloan Telescope 1.2-meter Test Plate for Secondary
ARC Telescope 0.75-meter Test Plate for Secondary
Air Force Academy Telescope 1.0-meter Primary mirror
Amos 200mm Holographic Test Plate
U of A 2.4-meter Aluminum mirror
Zygo Corporation Ultra-high Precision Test optic
Kodak 0.5-meter Test Plates
Optics for Instruments
Subaru Telescope 1.5-meter Spectrograph mirror
Spectra-Physics 2, 30cm Beam Expanders
Northrop Corporation 0.45-meter Primary & Secondary
Hobby-Eberly Spectrograph 2, 0.5-meter off-axis parabolas
Government Project 2, 0.75-meter F1.25 lightweighted mirrors,

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