Rayleigh Optical Corporation manufactures LARGE lenses for telescopes and instruments.

a polished large lens


Our Computer Numerical Controlled generator can machine glass blanks up to 1.5 meters in diameter, this is where most lens projects start.

We take the plano-plano glass blank and machine the surfaces to the desired shape (concave or convex)  and to the desired radius of curvature.

Then using our specialized computer controlled polishers, we can polish and figure the surfaces to high precision.

“If you can not test it, you can not make it”

At ROC testing is a crucial component in our process allowing us to produce the BEST and the Finest Optics with smooth surfaces. Large lenses are tested using phase-measuring interferometry or stitching software until the specifications are met or exceeded.

Some of the lenses we have made:

> PanSTARRS telescopes lenses. Size range 520mm – 620mm in diameter

> Lenses for the DESI project. 800 mm diameter

> Lenses for the KMT program. 650 mm diameter

If your design needs large lenses with high quality then contact Rayleigh Optical Corporation.

We have the knowledge, the know-how and the experience!

Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.