Worldwide suppliers of Precision Optics
for Telescopes, Instruments, and Testing.

At ROC Quality is not a byproduct

ROC strongly believes the key to providing our customers with precision optics of high quality is through rigorous testing at each stage in the manufacturing process. At ROC the product does not continue to the next step in the process unless it has met the internal testing requirements at the current step.

With 40 years of knowledge in manufacturing of large optics, at ROC we have built a robust fabrication process incorporating computer controlled machines built in-house specifically to work with large optical blanks and our testing methodologies.

ROC has delivered a wide range of optical components with very tight optical specifications and to high surface quality requirements.

As a small corporation, Rayleigh Optical has been able to compete with much larger companies with greater resources than our own due to our testing capabilities, experience in optical fabrication and our low overhead.
We are flexible and draw a wide range of professional resources required for your project.

Optical Fabrication

ROC has numerous computer-controlled machines that can handle optical blanks ranging from 20cm up to 2.5 meters in diameter. Our machines have been designed and built at ROC incorporating features that enable us to produce the finest in precision optics, accurately to the customer specifications. Our two large test towers of 8 meters and 12 meters have incorporated in them computer controlled polishing machines used to finish mirrors in-situ greatly reducing the handling risk to the mirror.

We have successfully manufactured optics from ULE, Fused Silica, Quartz, Zerodur, light-weighted borosilicates, Astro-sital, Metal (Aluminum) and Single Crystal Silicon among others.

Our manufacturing polishing process is monitored and controlled through rigorous testing using profilometry, holographic test plates, phase-measuring interferometry, CGH's and the knowledge gained through many years of experience testing optical surfaces.

Our strength is manufacturing and testing of aspherics.

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Optical Testing & Final Figuring

If you cannot test it accurately, you can not make it well.

ROC has numerous test towers, large and small, setup for the testing and final figuring of large optics.

Two large test towers are available to test mirrors up to 2.5-meter in diameter and up to 12meters in radius.
Secondary mirrors, typically with convex aspherical surfaces are tested in a specifically designed tower for testing and verification. Secondary mirrors up to 1.5 meters can be tested in this tower.

Lenses up to 1-meter in diameter are also tested and measured in specially designed towers some of which incorporate computer-controlled swing-arm polishing machines.

ROC employs advanced optical testing methods such as phase-measuring interferometry, holographic null testing, holographic test plates and the knowledge gained through many years of experience testing optical surfaces.

Our strength is the manufacturing and testing of aspherics.

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Computer Numerical Controlled Generating of blank surfaces

In our glass machining area, we can generate blanks up to 1.5meters in diameter. Our CNC can contour surfaces, lightweight blanks as required by the project, as well as edge and bevel blanks.

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Machine Shop

Our facility is well supported with our own metal machine shop enabling us to modify our equipment as needed to better suit the requirements of the project. We build our own tools, our own support systems for fabrication and testing, make test fixtures and other assemblies for customers.

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