Worldwide suppliers of Precision Optics
for Telescopes, Instruments, and Testing.

Rayleigh Optical Corporation is a worldwide supplier of optics for astronomical observatories, universities, industry, government, R&D, and national laboratories.

Established in 1987, ROC has extensive experience in the manufacture and testing of large optical components specializing in aspherical optics.

Some of the precision optical systems and components we have manufactured include large telescope mirrors (up to 2.4m), large spheres, and aspherics of all types, symmetrical as well as off-axis. We also fabricate large lens systems such as collimators and beam expanders, wide-field correctors, and atmospheric dispersion correctors.

Our testing capabilities lie at the heart of our manufacturing process. We use swing-arm profilometry as well as phase-measuring interferometry, that when coupled with advanced testing methods such as computer-generated holograms or holographic test plates, allow us to test a wide range of challenging optics, including convex aspherical surfaces to high accuracy.

With over 25 years of experience manufacturing large optics, ROC has built a robust fabrication and testing process incorporating computer-controlled methods enabling us to deliver optics of high quality, high surface smoothness, and precision to tight optical specifications.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have even if your project is not fully funded or is in the preliminary design stages.

Please send your inquires to:

Rayleigh Optical Corporation
3730 Commerce Drive
Suite 1217
Baltimore, MD 21227
Telephone: 410-247-6666

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